FAVOR South Africa is a non-profit organization focused on RECOVERY from alcohol and other drug problems, serving as a resource to improve the well being of individuals, families and communities.
was set up by people in recovery from addiction, together with their friends, families and volunteers. We deliver a range of informational, educational and support services through our evidence based programmes and dedicated service delivery. Our programs are international approved and tailor made to address specific problems as faced by the individual, the family, the school, workplace and the community.

FAVOR SA is a National Advocacy Group with our headquarters in Cape Town. Our members are people in recovery, their families and friends. We have real miracles of recovery to show, real success stories to talk about, and our organization is made up of persons with experience in Recovery.FAVOR’S main objectives are to:

  • Show by example that Recovery IS a Reality and encourage others to enter into treatment and support programmes;

  • Actively be involved in preventative work and to deliver evidence-based informational and educational programmes to our schools, workplaces and communities;

  • Provide Support Programmes to the continuum of treatment services as a way of assisting individuals and families actively working a recovery plan and to provide long term recovery support.

  • Support and assist individuals and families through our internationally approved INFORMATION, EDUCATION. PREVENTION and SUPPORT programmes  to develop and sustain sobriety-based rituals of daily living, rebuilding lives, healing families, and repairing communities;

  • Provide a FREE ‘One-Stop’ Portal for INFORMATION, EDUCATION, PREVENTION AND SUPPORT on Substance Misuse from selected Local and International website links;

  • Organize National Advocacy Campaigns to end discrimination and stigma against people in recovery;

  • Gain support from public health authorities for improved treatment programmes and facilities.

FAVOR SA is completely interdenominational, respecting all religions while emphasizing the importance, inspiration and power of the spiritual dimension in the challenges presented in Recovery.

By joining and supporting FAVOR SA, recovering people, their families, friends, and work colleagues, can stand up and speak out in order to educate the public and influence the policymakers. Recovery is a Reality – families heal. Money is saved. Life gets better. Recovering people give back. Everyone wins!


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