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Living the NOW

I read this quote last night: ‘Honour the past and the future as points of reference, not as places of recidence’ and it reminded me again that all I really have is this NOW, this moment.

The past is gone, and whatever happened I cannot change it. I take responsibility for it, I learn the lesson and then I move on. And tomorrow? It’s going to happen, with or without me. My challenge is to stay in this moment and be the best I can be moment to moment. It doesn’t mean that I have to be perfect, only that I am doing my best, every minute of my day.

This is the theory behind staying centered and living life on lives terms. Yet we all know that the Miracle is in the Doing. I have found the following actions helpful:

Deep breathing. Whenever I notice some tension in my body, I stop, and take a couple of deep breaths. I use the words ‘Slow down’ on the in breath, and ‘Let it Go’ on the out breath. I do not resist the tension, rather I will ask questions of it, for instance, ‘What is going on, what do you want to tell me?’ I then let it go on the out breath, blowing the tension out as a child blows soap bubbles.

Mindfulness. Focusing my mind on what I am doing in the moment is also a great help and I will engage all my senses. If I eat, I will really look at whatever I am eating and see what’s there to see. I will listen to any sounds as I eat, feel the feelings as it food enters my mouth and travels down to where ever it goes. I will smell what ever smells there is in that moment. I do not judge these sensations, I just notice them and then let them go. I love to touch objects and really feel the texture, see the colours and press it against my body.

Daily readings. My early morning reading is a special time for me. I look for a word, or a sentence that resonates with me in that moment and I write it down. During my day, whenever I feel off balance, I will read and reflect on my daily message.

Routine and Structure. I plan my day in advance and it is one of the most powerful tools I have. Every night before I go to sleep I will look at my daily planner for the next day and so plant the seeds of success in my unconscious mind.

Positive Affirmations. On a daily basis I use a selected positive affirmation and repeat it whenever I can. My current favourites are ‘Whatever happens, I can handle it’, ‘Every moment in every day I am getting better and better’, and ‘The quality of My Life depends only on me! I choose to be the creator of powerful and loving thoughts.’

Giving back. Doing something nice for someone else is a way of giving back – and it sometimes is just small things like greeting a stranger, give someone a gap in the traffic, compliment someone, etc.

– Gratitude. An attitude of Gratitude is such a centering exercise and I practise on a daily basis to give thanks for the abundance and blessings in my life. Every time I think I’ve really got nothing to be thankful for, the saying that ‘I was complaining that I had no shoes till I met a man who had no feet’ pops into my mind and my gratitude flows for all that I have.

Success at anything is simple – it is just a matter of repetition of little thoughts and little actions. Simple steps.

I am curious to know what you are doing to stay in this moment. I am looking forward to your replies.

Love and light,